Specializing in the creation of innovative business models that spread ecological best affordable essays practice through economic incentive, Ecology Management Systems LLC is a management company urgent essay writing responsible for strategy, and federation of financial resources on Regenerative Agricultural projects, and complementary disintermediation opportunities.  Built on market conditions set for growth, we employ resources that focus initiatives on consistent & efficient production.

  • Quantitative Analysis & Pragmatic Plan

    Investing in real assets that establish consistent cash-flow, we look to production quality & scale to enter mature distribution channels.  Working in lockstep with thought-leaders in renewables & regenerative agriculture fosters more innovation, revenue & value with lasting implications for contributing stakeholders.


  • Resilient Agriculture & Food System

    The basis for any sustainable farm plan is to best engage natural resources (soil). Healthy communities of efficient bugs teem with life to process nutrients, and result in select crops & healthy animals.


  • Renewable Energy

    Providing a consistent & scalable energy source, alternatives now take shape as biomass.  As the only carbon neutral energy source, Anaerobic Digestion leads the way when instituting scale. Renewable Energy Innovation is brewing…


  • Biomimicry & Holistic Principles

    Ecology is uniquely concise.  With an objective to regionalize agriculture and energy production, looking to the efficiencies of nature influences our regenerative designs & business models alike.


  • Collaborative & Community Leading

    Utilizing best practice & innovation to establish resilience of farm & business, we engage a collaborative of pioneers and thought-leaders within sustainable agriculture & renewables to foster life & potential.

Getting money moving through real asset investments and contracts with most reputable strategic partners, we build economic models to incentivize investor and contributors to reap the many benefits of regionalized resilient agriculture and alternative energy production.


working with the verve of ecology to regionalize production of food & energy is our objective –



whole systems plan - in harmony

Regenerative Design

environmental, market, economic and social practice working in unison


nature's essential energy source

Curating Microbial Relations

defining recipes for proper symbiotic relationships in the nano-bug world


O2 or not, bugs make energy

Teaming with Teeming microbes

farming friendly microbes favor oxygen, biomass bugs often not


biology creates the chemistry

Bug Trophic Levels

Regenerative Agriculture & Energy is properly managing the life-cycle of bugs - at scale


Diverting the flow of energy in a closed-loop natural system is the basis for affordable essays regenerative design. Similar principles urgent essay writing apply when crafting the exchange of nutrients for clean energy & ecological agriculture production – we work with both disciplines for regional resonance.

  • agriculture & food system:

Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF):  Specializing in the acquisition & management of sustainable agricultural land, the EAF is a private equity fund establishing a network of livestock based farm enterprises that provide local grass-fed, natural and organic meats to markets of the NorthEast.  Capitalizing on immediate market demand, the EAF utilizes regional production efficiency to create strong investor returns through cash-flow from a consistent supply of premium crops, and on-going improvement to land and soil quality.  Agrarian Fund site


Growing-Business-Square-Aaron Niederhelman
GROWING BUSINESS RADIO | Thought-leaders unite: host Aaron Niederhelman welcomes acclaimed guests & gurus to discuss the potential of better food.  Soon in the throes of an epic food system evolution, production of higher-quality food is set to explode regionally, exponentially. Listening to those architecting a future food-system leads to engaging conversation & intriguing insight from a community chock-full of storytellers with good stories to tell.  radio show



SOIL-to-TABLE MAILING | Community Engagement that appeals to many consumers connecting differently with personal well being.  As more of these health conscious consumers look to food value to affect that well-being – there has arisen a desire to attain a more trusted food source with focus on nourishment and local provenance.  Soil-to-table weekly mailings attempt to source stories of happenings  intensifying a better-food movement.   partake



  • renewable energy:

biogass. CO.smallBioMass:  Is the kinetic & potential energy making up all organic matter.  Effectively, a symphony of bugs have built a boundless energy source derived from efficient communities & bold infrastructure that supports growth on the ecological principles of zero-waste.  Tiny bugs in broad but intertwined ecosystems generate energy through either an interaction with other trophic levels in the soil food web, or through life-cycle. Exuding energy in form of heat & gas, and storing massive potential energy in all parts of their surrounding infrastructure (most often as soil, flora & fauna) – it’s a bug’s life that can create enough energy to make the world go around.  We look underfoot to unlock these innovations as the future of clean energy production.

ANAEROBIC DIGESTION (AD) |  The bug life-cycle:  Capturing heat and methane from microbial activity in a sealed environment that lacks oxygen is the only carbon neutral energy source currently in production.  Providing power, heating, cooling, propulsion and electricity – an AD facility sources 2/3 of the heat produced and over 90% of the gas to other customers or back to the grid – making it a unique opportunity for renewables to leverage innovation to localize energy. The by-product of the AD process is a digestate that has capacity to re-enter nitrogen and nutrients back into ‘the loop’ through re-integration in bio-diverse farming soils. AD energy can set regional production to scale, and further, additional returns can be gained through harvesting efficiencies out of fossil fuel’s 40%  produced energy loss.


GASIFICATION| BIOGAS| Energy from organic matter:  Accessing energy stored in organic matter, gasification expedites the break-down of materials into cleanly harvested energy.  A process that uses high-heat to turn biomass into a hydrogen & carbon monoxide rich synthesis gas.  This gas is scrubbed and turned into energy in many forms – including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and alcohols through a process that has become increasingly clean & concise in the past decade.  Working properly with particulates has created a better understanding of efficiency and ability to provide consistent production of uniform products.

Infrastructure for production of renewable energy & real-food from authentic agriculture should utilize best ecological practice & principles.   These proven technologies in controlled systems begin to reduce the many expenses of waste while establishing dynamic & intertwined energy with great value and much purpose.


Anaerobic Digestion – Biomass

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) - Biomass

Entrepreneur Agrarian Fund (EAF) – Lifecycle

Methane Harvest – Biomass

Weld County. CO

Fibrominn – Benson Plant

Ave mileage food travels to plate
Cattle required for Northeast demand of better beef


Aaron.Niederhelman 408x401

Jack Clarke – bio: EAF.logo.final4.32x32

co-founder | Managing Principal

Jack Clarke has been progressing ecological best practice for the past 25 years. An investment banker focused on natural resource management & alternative energy production, this life-long farmer is uniquely qualified to employ natural forces to attain resources. During his 40 year track-record as a Principal, Jack led Baldwin & Clarke (BCCW) into becoming one of the  most active full-service food service investment banks in the US.   Jack actively farms organic sheep and grass-fed beef cattle on his conserved NH farmland – the homestead he felled and built with only 18th century tools & craftsmanship, a team of well-loved draft horses, and some significant resolve.

With purpose of resilience and resonance, and on the premise that it takes a sound business plan to even take a seat at the table – Jack demonstrates his mettle as a New England iconoclast by stimulating influencers in capital markets to see opportunity in going local. With the powers of capital markets in tow, regional production is primed for more innovation and a large scale growth spurt.  For regional food and energy security & value alike, Jack has an arsenal of insight and best practice that utilize equity to capture habitual cash-flow & return from investments focused on working with nature.


Aaron Niederhelman – bio: EAF.logo.final4.32x32

co-founder | Managing Director

Mirroring a natural order, sustainable agriculture & renewable energy production add efficiencies through innovation. Lowering the costs of waste through best use of technology and disintermediation has yet to influence the core competencies of large scale agriculture, divergent food systems  & energy production.  

With pervasive technology underpinning a growing niche market – a captivated audience looks to attain infrastructure to kindle rapid regional growth by getting money moving.  Demand for better food & energy is at an all time high,  and a smart-Supply Chain can gain unique  efficiencies when architected around technology designed to attain insight. With the creation of sound businesses valued on how much meat or BTUs brought to market annually – and access to the transparency used in the process – we employ a confluence of communities & thought-leaders  to make ecological best-practice work regionally, no matter where you live!




New England clean tech171x74


Ecology Management Systems LLC develops profitable financial solutions to address current food system affordable essays and energy production concerns. Through urgent essay writing sound business planning and a pragmatic financial platform – we utilize cash-flow from real asset investments to further deploy happenings in alternative energy & regional agriculture:

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Coldstream Park, 116B South River Rd

Bedford, NH 03110




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Sharing a social mission with an increasingly conscientious audience, we framework projects that utilize efficient business models to spread ecological best practice.   We look to the growing markets of Regenerative Agriculture & Alternative Energy production as an enriching way to  connect a broader audience and more producers to the value of working with nature.

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